The Mini.


This session is great for grabbing a few quick headshots around town, or for getting a nice portrait of your furry friend. 30 minutes. $100

Simple & Sweet.

In this session, we have 1 hour to take portraits in your favorite pocket park, grab a bite to eat, go on a walk with your dog, or sit with your cats in your favorite room of the house. Location of your choice within 25 miles of RVA. $200.

The Cinemagraph.

This session is also 1 hour long, but includes shooting one cinemagraph. Location of your choice within 25 miles of RVA. $300.

The Adventure.

What activities are meaningful to you? Do you love hiking, baking, picnics, gardening, petting critters? The Adventure Session is a way for us to take a little more time to unwind into what you love most. This session lasts 2 or more hours with more of a documentary vibe. It includes 1 cinemagraph. $500 +

Questions? Email me or check out my Session FAQ below.

Session FAQ  

What if my ideal session destination is farther away from RVA than 25 miles?  

I’m still happy to come to you! For every additional 25 miles of travel, I charge only $10. Have even greater travel plans? Just let me know - I’ll be happy to figure it out with you.

What if we go over our time that we scheduled?  

Sometimes we get carried away - it happens! I’ll keep an eye on the time, but I charge $200/hr for every additional hour that runs over schedule.

What is a cinemagraph?

A cinemagraph is basically a fancy, more artistic, GIF. Check out my gallery here, or scroll to the top of this page to see an example.